Supporting people affected by serious illness & life-threatening conditions.

Welcome to the

Sefton Support Group

Supporting people affected by serious illness & life-threatening conditions.
We also support carers and family members that have also been affected.

About the SSG and

How we help…

Sefton Support Group is a registered charity based in Formby, on Merseyside and serves the population of Sefton. We provide support to individuals, their Carers and Family Members who have been affected by life-threatening illnesses and conditions.

Many of our members have suffered from Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Behcet’s Disease, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease, Motor Neuron Disease and more.

For many life-threatening illnesses and conditions, there is little support available after diagnosis or after being discharged from the hospital, and we attempt to fill that gap alongside other voluntary groups in Sefton and the Merseyside area.

How we support our members

We support our members in a number of ways within our support network, which includes:


Friendship and a listening ear


Emotional and moral support


Experience led support


Caring and home visits

Activities and therapies

We don’t just provide support emotionally and with a listening ear.

With the support provided to us, we can also plan social events and provide volunteering opportunities which can help massively. Within the centre we also offer therapies to all members. To learn more about the therapies we offer please click here.

Social events

Regular light refreshments, seasonal gatherings & planned day trips.


A selection of holistic/natural therapies is available to help ease the pain/stress you are experiencing.


Time is precious. Providing others with a listening ear can not only help them but you also.

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You can set up a monthly Direct Debit or make a single donation if choosing PayPal. Any amount you can donate means the world to us.